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ASTM 5252 Hexapod Walker 12,000 cyc             Heavy Commercial Traffic Rating
ASTM D3936 Delamination                                   No Delamination; Superior Traffic Resistance
ASTM D3884 Abrasion Resistance                       Superior Abrasion Resistance

Soiling / Cleaning                                                  Superior Soil Resistance
ASTM F925 Chemical Resistance                         No Effect; Superior Chemical Resistance
ASTM F150 Electrical Resistance                         Electrostatic Resistance
AATCC-134 Static Propensity                                Exceeds Static Propensity Expectation
ASTM C1028 Slip Resistance                                Exceeds Slip Resistance Expectation
ASTM E303 Skid Resistance                                 Superior Skid Resistance
ASTM G21 Fungus Resistance                              No Growth; Superior Fungal Resistance


ASTM E648 Critical Radiant Flux                           Class 1
ASTM E662 Optical Smoke Density                       Passes
FMVSS 302 Motor Vehicle Safety Standard           Passes
ASTM C-518 R-Factor                                            Allows Radiant Heat

Note: Individual test results are held at our manufacturing facility and can be provided if required. All tests were completed by a certified independent laboratory.

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