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About Us.


SPECS+ International is a multi-vendor office representation for the Middle East & Asia Pacific regions. It brings together a pool of top-notch and highly selected manufacturers of architecture & interior design products. The goal is to CONNECT designers and architects, contractors and developers directly to the mill for product design development, technical support, pricing, logistics, installation and post-installation service. The product lineup has been curated as the leading brands in the industry at par with client's need for quality and LEED sustainable contribution. INNOVATION + SUSTAINABILITY Specified.

Since 2020 amidst the pandemic, we aimed to interact directly with individual end-users, an inclusive approach, whether for residential or retail needs through our US-based virtual shop and a more active online communication channel throughout all platforms.


SPECS+ International is an A&D product specification consultancy service, having a pool of manufacturers and technical specialists within the team. Specification proposals are submitted to Establishment Owners, Property Developers, Housekeeping/Facilities Management, Interior Designers and Architects for ad hoc or refurbish projects. 


We strategize with the client--propose a complete product specification guide customized for the project, cost analysis, and post maintenance program.


Theme & Leisure Park Outdoor/Indoor Products                  

Shades & Awning/ Yacht Interior

LVT, Ceramic, Hardwood                                                     

Commercial Entrance Matting System, Outdoor Turf

Rubber Wall & Floor Finish (Indoor & Outdoor)                     

Commercial Artwork

Cork Wall & Floor Finish                                                         

Bed & Bath Linen

Plynyl Wall & Floor Finish, Adhesive                                     

Fabric, Pillows & Curtain

Tufted & Woven Carpet, Neon Carpet, Carpet Pad             

Acoustic Wall & Floor Finish

Hand-tufted Carpet (wool, silk, viscose, bamboo silk)         

Wallcovering, Vinyl & Handmade


Expertise include:

  • Selection of appropriate product as per application.

  • Product life-cycle cost analysis.

  • Assists designer on pre-design stage, product design development, sampling and shop drawings.

  • Product compliance sheet, warranties, and technical documentation to meet the quality standard.

  • Schedule management of product purchase, logistics, and installation.

  • Post-maintenance program for the end user.

  • Assists on LEED calculation to maximize product points.



The SPECS+ International goal is to specify maximum LEED points to your projects. The products have undergone testing and certification that meet or exceed the international standard for commercial use. Our partners are members of the USGBC US Green Building Council, LEED and have achieved Green Label Plus.


Through third-party verification, like our partner brands, each embraces transparency for the benefit of both itself and its customers. It holds current and relevant certifications that illustrate our commitment to transparency, healthy products, sustainability, design and innovation.

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