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Designed To Perform

INFINITY Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring is a perfect hybrid between a soft and hard surface floor covering. It was created to resist stains, bacteria and fatigue. It is a versatile product that delivers beauty, durability, and premier performance for any setting. It can withstand even the most demanding environments.


Equipped with UV-stable fade resistance and antimicrobial technology, giving them both durability and style that can’t be matched. 


Founded on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and client education, this flooring features unique, heavy-traffic rated vinyl backing that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Applications (Fabric): Awnings, Wall and Upholstery, Table Runners, Place mats, Coasters.

Applications (Flooring): Retail. Hospitality. Healthcare. Commercial Offices. Transportation (Marine, RV, Aviation). Public Venues. Education. Fitness. Spas. Gym, Stadium Lounges.

Health Benefits: Secludes airborne particles for improved air quality. Easily sanitized and quick to dry, so cleaning is fast and effective. Bleach-proof which is the recommended cleaning agent against Coronavirus (dilute and clean as per CDC instruction).

Acoustics: Proven to reduce noise levels in the noisiest of environments, improving communication and perception.

Luxury Woven Vinyl™ passes FMVSS 302. It is rated for heavy commercial traffic (ASTM 5252) with no delamination (ASTM D3936).  It has superior abrasion resitance (ASTM D3884) and chemical resistance (ASTM F925). It has superior fungal resistance with no growth (ASTM G21). It passes and rates Class 1 Flammability (ASTM E648, ASTM E662).

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