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SPECSInternational celebrates the people, places, culture and traditions, and Life itself, as inspiration to Design. We recognize the creative process in every design, especially the people and inspiration behind it. Every design has a story.


We celebrate the People. The labor of love stitched in every weave is a metaphor to how they weave their dreams for self, for mothers and daughters, and family. The process of yarn-dyeing is a kaleidoscope of life's colors and diversity of ethnicity.


We celebrate the Places, the Culture and Tradition, the History. This sets the inspiration to a designer's vision and architecture.


We advocate Sustainability and Innovation. Our partner manufacturers from Asia are members of Goodweave which ensures good working conditions and no child labor utilized. Our manufacturers from the US are members of the US Green Building Council that ensures zero to minimal energy waste, maximum LEED contribution, and Green Label Plus-certification.


We espouse Social Responsibility. We support charities and foundations. We GIVE BACK so each individual and community will be empowered. 

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