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Money-Saving Tip: Do-It-Yourself Peel & Stick Commercial Carpet

How do Interior Designers and Architects specify a material finish or product? Is it by aesthetics, by durability, by brand name, easy maintenance, by pricing, by vendor credibility and service…or all of the above? For the purpose of complying with the different stages of project specification and approvals--commencing from the designer’s drawing board to owner cost approval then to value engineering by contractors, it is mandatory that approved products remain within the required standards and price budget of the project. The challenge of flooring specification has always been on cost, installation and maintenance. A team composed of engineers and product designers with over 50 years of experience in the carpet industry has come up with a solution-- the mission was to create quality flooring at an affordable price.

Innovative Tile Technologies Inc. based in Dalton, Georgia (the carpet capital of the US), has released affordable do-it-yourself carpet tile flooring that will cut a project’s budget in two-ways. The innovative manufacturing process reduces production energy by 75%, offering a higher level of quality and value to the products without increasing the cost, and eliminates the additional spend for adhesive and installation labor budget. It is quick and easy to install, easy to maintain and comes with an award-winning patented backing system, PureBac, that carries a 10 year WET delamination warranty and offering unprecedented flexibility and dimensional stability. This product maintains a specification for both commercial and residential use, warrantied for its commercial durability.

Area of Application:

Playrooms Basements

Nurseries Offices

Bedrooms Retail Shops

Living Rooms Recreational Vehicles

Kitchens Trailers

Closets Hallways

Laundry Rooms Corridors

Exercise Rooms Boats

Utility Rooms Motor Homes

Bathrooms Rental Homes

Garages High Rise Condos

Entry Ways Hotels

Stationary Runners Dorm Rooms

Price Range: starts at $16.25/sq.m (lower for bulk orders)

Open for Distributorship: Wholesale or Retail

For more information, contact:

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DIY Easy Peel Carpet Tech Specs
Download PDF • 215KB
Download PDF • 253KB

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