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7 Ways Infinity’s Flooring Improves and Maintains Gym Cleanliness

COVID-19 has had a great impact on the fitness industry. The pandemic has led to the mandated closure of thousands of gyms worldwide. During closure times, gyms had to quickly pivot and come together as an industry to develop solutions to serve their communities. Some have outdoor socially distanced workouts, some did zoom workouts and others developed online workouts for members to do on their own time. 

As gyms begin to slowly reopen, it has created a “new normal” and the implementation of a standard and consistent sanitizing procedures are important now more than ever. Members need to see staff cleaning the equipment they use and encourage peers to do so after personal use.

Gyms should maintain an abundance of cleaning and sanitizing products for everyone’s use. Products should be all over the gym and checked frequently to make sure they are full and ready to be used. Hand sanitizers should be readily available and encouraged before and after touching any equipment. 

When evaluating your gyms interior surfaces, the most recommended is Infinity's Luxury Woven Vinyl. It is the perfect hybrid between a hard surface and soft surface floor covering. Research suggests that certain aspects of a furnished environment, such as acoustics, comfort, and overall aesthetics directly correlate to outcomes related to health, safety, and productivity. 

Created as a dynamic carpet alternative, Infinity’s flooring provides a cleanable top surface that is heat bonded together for high-density cushion support, giving it both the durability and comfort you want in a gym surface. 

Infinity Flooring, the leader in specialized commercial flooring and vertically-integrated, uses revolutionary materials that are made for the most demanding environments. Each product is equipped with U.V. fade resistance and antimicrobial technology, giving them both durability and style that can’t be matched. Thinking about upgrading your space? Look no further than Luxury Woven Vinyl here’s why: 

Durability: Stays sturdy and dependable, even in high traffic areas. 

Maintenance: Stain resistant and antimicrobial, so it is easily cleaned.

Health: Secludes airborne particles for improved air quality. Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl sanitizes easily and is quick to dry, so cleaning is fast and effective.

Safety: Extremely slip-resistant and absorbs high impacts due to it’s low profile nature.

Acoustics: Proven to reduce noise levels in the most extreme environments.

Comfort: Equipped with a cushioned backing that provides extreme fatigue support and protection from impact due to slips and falls.

Warrantied: Offers a 10-year U.V. fade limited warranty.

Infinity’s flooring is sold worldwide. No matter where in the world your gym is, we are here to talk with you about our innovative products.

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